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DELTA is now LJA Engineering

We are excited to announce that DELTA is now LJA Engineering. You can learn more about LJA here.


Accurate and dependable data you can trust.

Land surveying and engineering under one roof

Established in 2019

Over 4,000 Projects completed

In the business to get projects done

We are focused on providing the highest quality professional land surveying and engineering services to help fuel the rapidly growing West Texas and surrounding areas.

Land Surveying & Engineering

Delta Land Surveying & Engineering is fully equipped to perform a variety of different surveys and engineering projects both residential and commercial.

Local Service

We are based out of Lubbock, TX, and serve the greater West Texas area. We have a reliable, hands-on approach to help you achieve the best results. 

The team at Delta is ready to tackle any land surveying or engineering job, big or small.

Testimonials (Google Business Reviews)

"Very nice people, good customer service. They put flags and stakes in the ground without me asking. I would recommend 100% Thank y'all!"
-Blue S.
"Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Would not use anyone else in West Texas for my surveying needs."
-King S.
"Very Kind and professional people! Service was fast and everyone I dealt with was very friendly. Would highly recommend this company."
-Shawn Sweeney

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of survey do I need?
    Some of the most common types of surveys include: Mortgage Title Survey (Improvement Survey) – People who are borrowing money from a lender to finance land and or a residence will most likely need this type of survey. It shows not only the boundary of the property but also the permanent structures and features (improvements) relative to the boundary lines so the lender or title company can get a clear picture of the property being financed. ALTA/NSPS Survey – This type of survey is mainly for commercial properties. A lender and or title company often require an ALTA because it ensures that the survey complies with an adopted set of standards set by the American Land Title Association that conveys consistent and relative information that the lender and title company needs. Boundary Survey – The most basic and simple type of survey showing the landowner their property lines. The surveyor reestablishes said property lines by monuments found or set on the ground based on a legal description from the recorded deed. Topographic Survey – A survey that basically shows the “lay of the land.” Geographical features and elevations within a given area are recorded via high precision surveying equipment and shown graphically on the plat of survey for the use of design and planning for land development or maintenance. Our staff can assist you in the survey or engineering service that best fits your needs.
  • Why choose Delta?
    Delta Land Surveying and Engineering is known throughout West Texas for our knowledgeable staff, friendly customer service and completing tough tasks. Our team has over 60 years of combined experience in land surveying and engineering to better serve you.
  • How do I request a survey or engineering services?
    Complete our work request form or call our office at (806) 701-5707.
  • Does Delta complete residential projects?
    Yes! From residential boundary surveying to commercial construction layout and everywhere in between, our mission is to provide our clients with accurate, dependable data they can trust. No job is too small or too large.
  • Where is Delta located?
    Delta Land Surveying and Engineering began in Lubbock, TX. This is where we live, play and plan to stay. We serve West Texas and the surrounding areas. Our office is located at 1310 Jarvis St. Lubbock, TX, 79403.
  • What is a survey?
    Land surveying is the art and science of establishing or reestablishing corners, lines, boundaries, and monuments of real property (land) based upon recorded documents, historical evidence and present standards of practice. Simply put, a survey is a service that shows landowners what they own.
  • What engineering services does Delta offer?
    Site Development Engineering (Residential & Commercial) Storm Water Analysis Site Utilities Engineering Roadway & Street Engineering Cut/Fill Optimization


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About Us

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